Marina Village Optometry

Eye examinations

Refractive testing for near/farsightedness
Binocular vision testing
Testing for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy
Medical treatment of conjunctivitis, dry eye, allergies, eyelid and corneal disease
Infant and preschool child examinations

Contact lens fittings

Disposable lenses
Colored contacts
Monovision and bifocal fits
Gas permeable lenses
Acuvue2 and Acuvue Oasys multipacks in stock

LASIK co-management

Pre- and post-operative management
Refractive surgery screening/consultation

Eyeglass prescriptions filled

Polarized, Transitions and Progressive lens options
Prescription sunglasses from: Oakley , Ray-Ban and 7Eye
Anti-reflective coatings from Crizal
Safety frames with sideshields
Sports frames for racquetball, basketball, cycling, skiing, diving, and swimming
Children's frames

In-office lens finishing lab
-Same day/next day service (certain prescriptions)

Individual personal styling with our frame specialists

A full range of optical accessories

Insurance plans

We participate with VSP, Eyemed, TriWest, and Medical Eye Services for optometric care.

We also participate with Medicare and Tricare for eye-related medical services.